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You can find the list of our Dealers from the Dealers -page

If you can’t find a local dealer, you can always ask for help from


We offer our component and accessory range without obligation to any small, midsized and large kayak shops all over the world. So any reliable shop can be our dealer and retail our products. Shops can order products directly from us and use our knowhow as a help desk to get the best technical and updated information on our products.

To gain more value from our co-operation and stand out from regular dealers you can later become our Pro Dealer.

Pro Dealers are our long time partners. They are also our first priority speaking of orders and technical support. In addition retail customers are always advised to turn to their closest Pro Dealer. Correspondingly retail customers and we can be sure the shop with Pro Dealer status has a good range of products in stock and first hand knowledge of them.

If you want to get further information to become as our Pro Dealer, please send your request to


We operate directly with any reliable manufacturer who produces his own design or has an authorized license regardless the size of the company.

Co-operation with us ensures quick, reliable and good service together with highly respected components. KS brand is well known in all over the world and there are numerous tests, reviews, articles and satisfied users who reward us for our original product range.

All our products are made and designed in Finland, EU. We work and operate closely with producers and paddlers to achieve functional, desired and innovative components for kayaks. Straight communication with us will always ensure first hand information on product updates, ongoing projects and potential customized products. We wish you welcome to our innovative group to find better product solutions for paddlers. 

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To contact us, you can use our official contact label from our website or you can email directly to our main office in Finland to and request further information.