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The Kajak-Sport hottest newness is our handcrafted West Greenland style paddle made in Finland. Try it out and you will love it! We wanted to create something historical and unique but with the latest technology available and something different from traditional touring paddles available. 

The historical story and the unique feeling of our new West Greenland paddle takes you far from the traditional paddling routines that you are used to. Therefore we gave it a name Inuksuk. It shows that you are on the right path to new adventures.
The blade profile and the raw materials have been chosen to follow the historical values but profile is thinner which makes it quiet and precise in every stroke. Split construction with 13 cm length adjustment (215 - 228 cm) offers you plenty more options of usage and the tough but light core construction with fantastic matt finish makes it absolutely irresistible.
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770 g
95.00 mm
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