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KS-Skeg control unit 4


Skeg control unit 4 is made for rope operated skeg systems. It has low profile control button to allow smooth recessed installation close to the cockpit area. Skeg system 4 is precise and stylish in use. Button is locked in to it's position automatically to hold the blade in correct position at all times. Control box is designed to be easily flushed and have good clearance around to minimize sand and dirt effect for the operation. It is fully corrosion free contruction and it requires no glue for installation.

Skeg control unit has optional KS-adapter box (521710) to allow watertight installation for boats without premade recess. 

Control unit is equipped with specially designed Tube connector. Tube connector is quick and corrosion free cable connector offering solid and waterproof connection for 6 / 4 mm PA-tube. It requires no glue for sealing or installation. Quick to open and close anytime later for maintenance if necessary. 


XKS-product code: 
60 g
140.00 mm
40.00 mm
35.00 mm
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